Top 5 Lil’ (Aussie) Rebels Taking On The World

Top 5 Lil’ (Aussie) Rebels Taking On The World

Are you raising a Lil’ Rebel? An upcoming scientist who’ll change the world as we know it, or maybe a musical prodigy, who’ll be the world’s next superstar? Whatever your child’s talent, it’s important to nurture and encourage them, especially when they express a real love and clear passion for what they do.

Your kids may be little but that doesn’t mean they can’t achieve BIG things. In fact, we’re so in awe of their limitless potential that we’ve compiled a list of 5 inspiring little Aussies who are already putting their stamp on the world. From a kid who’s smarter than Stephen Hawking, to an art prodigy who gives Pollock a run for his money, and a young man who turned donuts into some serious dough – you (and your kids) will be inspired by what these Lil’ Rebels have achieved.

 AELITA ANDRE: Lil’ Picasso

Image Source:

What if your child’s next painting made them a measly $50,000? Eleven year old Aelita and her paintings are doing just that - her pieces of art have been compared to the works of Jackson Pollock!

The saying about the apple not falling far from the tree rings true in this instance, her father Michael, is also an artist. According to the ABC, Aelita first started playing with paint at just nine months old when she crawled onto a canvas that her dad had put on the ground. Michael explains that Aelita began squeezing tubes of paint and started mixing and spreading the colours. This act of spontaneity led to her first exhibit held in Melbourne at 22 months old. At four, she landed a solo exhibition in New York.

This little Picasso has now had 25 international exhibitions and is currently preparing for exhibits in China, the US, Japan and Russia. Paint it, Sister!


Campbell Remess
Image Source: Pulptastic 

Tassie’s care-bear kid, Campbell Remess (affectionately known as Bumble) has been hand-sewing bears for sick and injured kids all over the world, since the ripe old age of nine. Yep, NINE!

It all started when Campbell wanted to buy Christmas presents for sick kids in hospital, but was given a little reality check by his mum who told him that it would cost a fortune. Bare in mind, there’s nine children in the Remess clan.

But Campbell didn’t give up easily! According to
this interview by the ABC, Campbell’s response was "No worries, I'll make them then!" And so he did!

Five years later, Campbell’s charity, Project 365 has sent bears to not only Aussie kids in need, but also those who have been affected by terrorist attacks in places such as Brussels and Paris. All this, self-taught, in Campbell’s own bedroom.

Most recently, he began a new charitable venture – Kindness Cruises, to help a family friend suffering with breast cancer visit Hobart from Sydney.

The most beautiful part? He does all of this on the back of his own pocket money, and donations from the community. He asks for nothing in return. Now that’s what we call a Lil’ Rebel, with a beautifully BIG heart.


Image Source: Bistro Morgan

Who doesn’t love a good Donut? Morgan used to watch his idols on Masterchef from seven years of age. This inspired him to set up a ‘restaurant’ in his parent’s dining room called Bistro Morgan. It’s here, he started experimenting with baking.

Cake orders for friends soon turned into a contract with a local café when Morgan was just thirteen years old. He would supply the café with brownies and slices and many other treats.

After experimenting with a heart shaped donut on Valentine’s Day, people couldn’t get enough of his new creation! Donuts were high in demand so Morgan phased out all the products and built his donut empire.

He now sells over 10 000 donuts a week at his store on Chapel Street, the business making over $500 000 last year - all while juggling school at the same time!

And things have seemingly come full circle for Morgan, as he is now working on a collaboration with MasterChef judge and celebrity chef, George Calombaris.  Way to make the dough, Morgan!

Read more about Morgan’s story here.

 CHRISTIAN LI: Lil' Prodigy

Christian Li Violin Prodigy 
Image Source: SBS 

Ten year old Christian has only been playing violin for five years. Despite this, he recently won the ‘Olympics of Violin’ competition in Geneva. He is the youngest ever winner of this title.

The Melbourne boy’s performances of Jaehyuck Choi's ‘Self in Mind’ and Vivaldi's ‘The Four Seasons: Summer’ catapulted him onto the world stage. His youthful talents have tugged at the heartstrings of many.

A true testament to hard work paying off, Christian practices four to five hours per day. We can only imagine how his talents will grow as he matures. Rock on, Christian!

You can watch more of Christian’s story over at SBS.


SHARVIN JEYENDRANImage Source: Daily Telegraph

Thirteen year old Sharvin has an IQ of 168 – that’s higher than the late, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. The Perth based teen skipped ‘baby talk’ as a child, his mother claiming that he was able to speak proper sentences from just nine months old.

The teenager, who is currently practicing for the world titles in Scrabble, has also learnt how to speak French fluently. He even plays the piano, swims and plays football. When he’s a little older, he wants to become a scientist and find a cure for cancer. Talk about putting your skills to good use!  



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Mary Anastasiou A self confessed chocoholic, pluviophile and lover of all things kid lit, Mary writes books that she hopes will engage, inspire and empower little people on their journey to becoming big people.

Grab copies of Mary's books today! CLICK HERE.


Grab copies of Mary's books today! CLICK HERE.

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