Elf on the Shelf ideas for an elf-ing great Christmas

Elf on the Shelf ideas for an elf-ing great Christmas

The season for Scout and his Elf buddies to make their annual pre-Christmas appearance is here!

And, whilst they may keep your little ones delighted with their antics, it's not always easy to come up with clever or original ideas to keep your little elves entertain...

So, here's a list of my top 15 elf-ing good Christmas moments.

1. Elf Isolation
Glass Jar with elf-Isolation message
Source: The Girl Creative

Need a little extra time to get your (s)elf organised? Pop your little buddy into an elf-isolation station for a few days. A little quarantine after a long trip from the North Pole never hurt anyone...

2. Elf-is Presley

Source: A beautiful mess

Everyone knows that elves love music, right? But did you know that their favourite artist is: Elf-is Presley? So ditch the Bublé and the Carey and give the classics a spin. Your elf will thank you for it.

3. (S)elfie 
Elf taking a selfie
Source: Vanessa Craft

What modern day elf hasn't mastered the (s)elfie? New sunnies? A new outfit? Play with props and create different poses. If he's anything like his human friends, your camera roll might just be a little fuller than it was yesterday!

4. Snow Angels
Elf making snow angel from flour
Source: Mid Life Healthy Living

Your little elf doesn't have to miss out on creating snow angels just because he's down under! Rice, flour or even coloured sprinkles can be used to create the cutest angels. My guess is he won't clean up after himself though...

5. Elf in Space
Elf in space suit hanging from light fixture
Source: The Original Elf

Set elf on a space adventure with a new tin foil suit! Suspend him from a light fitting along with hand made paper stars, planets and a moon and watch him float about the galaxy. Or, tie him to a rocket for a little extra excitement.

6. Naughties and Crosses
Two elves playing tic tac toe
Source: Pinterest

Two or more elves visiting means twice the chaos. Keep their competitive streaks under control with a friendly game of naughts and crosses (tic tac toe). That should keep them out of mischief for a while.

7. Too hot to handle
Elf in the refrigerator
Source: Little Hiccups

Elves don't do well in the Aussie heat, so pop yours into the fridge for a little cooling off period. Hang a sign around his neck with a note that reads: 'Too hot to handle!' 'Just chillin' or 'Close the door dude, it's hot out there!'

8. Elf-care
Elf in a tub practising self care
Source: The Chic Pursuit

Even busy elves need a rest once in a while. Your little friend will appreciate an indulgent Spa Day with a nice long soak in a tub with his favourite ducky and elf beauty treatments. The ultimate in elf-care activity.

9. Elf-ing around
Elf with toilet paper Olof
Source: Stacy Molter Photography

Frozen fans? Do you want to build a snow man? Bring these two childhood favourites together with a cute Elf and Olaf combo. All you need is toilet paper, a sharpie ad some sticks for Olafs arms. 

10. Elf Movie Night

Source: The Savvy Sparrow

Have your elf friend organise an Elf Movie Night! Pack yummy treats and snacks into Movie themed containers and enjoy a fun night in watching your favourite Christmas movies. Stuck for movie ideas? Click here.

11. Snowball fight anyone?
Elves snowball fighting
Source: Pinterest

What's more fun than a snowball fight? A paper snowball fight with two magical Christmas elves, that's what! Easy to put together with minimal props required. It's the last minute elf activity you'll thank us for.

12. It's bedtime.
Elf cleaning bottom with toothbrush
Source: Brow Cutour By Sandy

Brushing your teeth before bed is an important part of your night time routine, so don't forget! But we may or may not have seen elf in the bathroom earlier looking a little cheeky...

13. Elf sabotage
Elf adding toothpaste to cookies
Source: Apple Green Cottage

What does an elf do when he's helped him(s)elf to all the yummy creamy centres from his favourite cookies? He switches the cream with minty toothpaste. No one will ever know the difference!

14. Bubble Bath
Elves in sink with bubble balloons
Source: Elf on the Shelf

Your elves can make a real splash with an elf balloon bubble bath! All you need is a sink and some white balloons and your little elves will be rub-a-dub-dubbing in not time.

15. Tik Tok
Elf stuck on clock. Tik Tok
Source: The Mummy Code

Are you even an Christmas Elf if you're not posting everything on TikTok? Time's running out for this little elf to report back to Santa - he may require a lesson on how social media platforms work though.

Elf peeing making lemonade
Source: Pinterest

Lemonade: After a big night out, Elf's been busy preparing refreshing lemonade to quench everyone's thirst. And, at only 25 cents per glass, you can't get much more thoughtful an elf than that!

Elf with Alcohol
Source: meganzdiary

Christmas Spirit: Obedient elves deserve a little Christmas spirit too, but watch out! They have a reputation for eating all the mince pies and polishing of the booze before the guests arrive. 

Source: Pinterest

Close Shave: Best not to fall asleep when these little terrors are around. Especially if there's clippers nearby.

Elf deleting fonts from computer
Source: Dumbblondelondon

Designer's little helper: Every designer's nightmare - Comic Sans!! Your little elf will be in mega, mega trouble if he pulls this stunt on your designer friends.
He may just end up as the...

Eaten elf on plate only bones left
Source: Reddit

Dinner Elf: One for the adults who've really had enough of the little terrors and would like the annual torture to end...  but maybe keep this one to your (s)elves. 

And finally my kind of Elf on the Shelf:
Jack Skellington Elf on the Shelf
Source: Tea with Miss Nesbitt

Mary Anastasiou

Mary Anastasiou A self confessed chocoholic, pluviophile and lover of all things kid lit, Mary writes books that she hopes will engage, inspire and empower little people on their journey to becoming big people.

Grab copies of Mary's books today! CLICK HERE.


Grab copies of Mary's books today! CLICK HERE.

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