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Mary Anastasiou

Jimmy Bottoms

Jimmy Bottoms

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Written by: Mary Anastasiou
Illustrated by: Alex Patrick
Published by: Five Mile Books

Children's Book ages 3+


My name is Jimmy Bottoms and there's something you should know.
One morning when I leapt from bed, I let a small fluff go.
It didn't seem outrageous, after all it's just a fart.
How was I to know that it would tear my town apart?

Follow Jimmy on this hilarious hunt for his wayward and very destructive fart!

Will Jimmy catch him (and with what)? Or will fart remain victorious and continue on his stinky adventure through town?

Book Size: 215mm x 297mm (Hardcover)
Signed: Personally signed with your child's name

NOTE: Product will be signed on the inside cover. Sample image is indicative only.

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